Cookies for Breakfast
Oatmeal “pudding”…
Oatmeal Smoothie
Family Apple Pancake
Fluffy Banana Buckwheat pancakes…
Creme Brule style Baked Oatmeal…
Simple Scones

Savoury (Main Dishes)

Adventures with Seitan…
Beef and Broccoli
Baked Potato
Caramelized Onion and Spinach pizza with Peanut sauce
Chicken and Dumplings
Crispy Tofu with Spicy Peanut Sauce on Coconut Quinoa…
Cauliflower “popcorn”
Cashew Curry…
Fried Chicken Sandwiches
Falafel with Taratoor Sauce
General Tso Tofu
General Tso (my new favourite)
Hunan Dumplings
Kale Chips
Meat and Sweet Potato pie
Miso Paté
Pogos (otherwise known as corn dogs)
Perfect Ribs
Stuffed Buns
Szechwan Eggplant and Cauliflower
Uncle Marc’s Roasted Sirloin Tip…
Quinoa Salad
Sushi (sushi rice)
Vege Pate…

Savoury (Fish)

Vegetable and Teriyaki stuffed sole
Salmon… stuffed and smothered…
Salt Cured Salmon… (Lox)

Soups and Sides

Beef, noodle, veggie Pho
Dehydrated Curried Lentil soup
Chicken and Dumplings
Kale Chips
Potato Leek Soup
Simple veggie tomato soup…
Split-Pea soup
Thai Coconut Curry soup
West African Peanut Soup
vegetable chowder
Baked Potato
Twice baked Potatoes

Preserves and Sauces

Hot Pepper Jelly
Jalapeño Tequila Lime Hot Sauce…
Pickled beets…


About Bread…
Buttermilk Cluster
Hotdog/Hamburger/stuffed bun multiple purpose dough
It’s alive! (sourdough starter and bread)
Some yummy bread…
garlic and cheese flatbread…
Pita Bread…
Pizza Dough
Simple Scones


Chia Fresca
Oatmeal Smoothie
Genmaicha “Popcorn tea”
Hot Chocolate
Strawberry Lemonade

On the sweet side…


Chocolate Chip Cookies…
Lemon Crinkle Cookies
Lime Cardamom Pumpkin seed cookies…
Chocolate Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies…
Oatmeal cream pies
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (vegan)
Sugar Cookies for Valentines day (using beets as Colouring)

Muffins and sweet breads:

Banana Bread…
Banana-Oat chocolate chip muffins
Crumb topped Banana Muffins
Blueberry Muffins
Ricotta Vanilla Pound cake
Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns…
Pumpkin Chocolate Zucchini Bread


Apple-Cinnamon Bundt Cake
Black Magic Chocolate Cake
Black Bean Chocolate Cake
Dense Chocolatey Chocolate cake…
Carrot Cake
Cone cakes
Cranberries and lemon…
Pouding Chomeur (poor man’s pudding)
Two Tiered Neapolitan Cake
White cake (or Butter cookie cake)
Vanilla Cupcakes


Amazing Apple Fritters
Coconut Vanilla Tapioca pudding
Chocolate Butter-cream frosting
Choco-Coconut Date Bars
Gooey Swiss Delice Brownies
Homemade Marshmallows
Homemade vanilla Extract…
Strawberry Butter-Cream Frosting
Sucre à la Crème
pumpkin butter…
Vanilla bean Butter-cream frosting


Hmm… Can I dehydrate that
Dehydrated Curried Lentil soup
Dehydrated pumpkin
Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Powder


My favourite Green Juice

Kitchen tricks

Ginger Trick
How to peel a head of garlic in 10 seconds
Using beets as Colouring