Now this is definitely a neat trick… especially if you are like me and use tons of garlic!

I saw a link to this video here and to try it… It is so easy… crush a head of garlic with the side of a knife, a bowl or whatever you want and then place the head of garlic in a bowl and place another bowl on top and then shake!

Shake for a few seconds and that’s it… your garlic will be peeled!! It’s amazing right?! here is my own video to show it works. (sorry for voice… my nose is stuffy)

[youtube_sc url=”″ theme=”light” modestbranding=”1″ autohide=”1″ fs=”1″]

The second half fo the video is showing my favourite garlic mincer called the “Garlic Zoom” I love it because you are not crushing the garlic and getting it all juicy which doesn’t work well in all recipes… This has blades on the inside, you just roll it on the counter and then you have perfectly minced garlic in a few seconds…