I am not a fan of many one pot meals but this is one that I am quite fond of.

The perfect mix of tender and rich cashews with bright vegetables that bring sweetness and a flavourful coconut curry sauce that ties all of it together with a splash of lime to brighten all of the flavours. It only takes a few minutes to come together and you could easily make it in the crockpot.

Cashew Curry with Rice

1 Onion
Red pepper
Green onions
about 2 TbspCurry paste
Red chile paste (Sambal Olek)
can of Coconut milk
about 2 Tbsp of peanut butter
about 2 cups of Cashews
juice of one lime

Saute the onions and veggies until soft (but not too soft), add the garlic, curry paste, and red chile paste…

Add the cashews, coconut milk and the peanut butter and lime juice… simmer about 10 min and let thicken

Serve with rice… sprinkle more lime juice ontop