“Discipline” and Non-Punitive Parenting

Discipline and How Non-Punitive Parenting Works
Natural and Logical Consequences in Non-Punitive Parenting
High standards and the cycle of coercive parenting…
Praise and the proverbial carrot…
Natural Discipline
Attachment, Neufeld & Time-outs
Another Reason against time-outs and power struggles

Responsive Parenting

High standards and the cycle of coercive parenting…
The label of Attachment Parenting
The label of attachment parenting (part 2)
“AP” past the age of 3…
Child-led living…
Where is the respect?
Perceptions and Expectations
The long term effect of Natural Parenting


Finding balance…
The “rules” of the park…
The Islands of Parenting…
If you… you won’t…
Then and Now
a walk in the park…
Yes, my kids are perfect

Happy Parents = Happy Kids?

my first post of all… This is my Rant!

(my blog was names Paxye’s Rant back then)


What is Unschooling?
What Unschooling is Not
Unschooling to University
Where’s your nose?
Feminism, Unschooling and more…
a few things I love about life-learning…
Everybody is a Genius


Nursing in Public…
A few things about Formula
No Milk?
PPD (and Breastfeeding…or lack of)
Changing the Language around breastfeeding


We are NOT robots!
Brave… again…
Birthing Choices
In your gods you may trust…
My first two births
The Birth of Khéna
Looking back on Freebirth
The birth of Wilhelmina Anne
Placental Encapsulation


Baby training… CIO vent
Sleep issues…
More sleep talk…
Article by Gabor Maté


Babywearing Favourites

Elimination Communication

EC with a newborn
The Myths of Elimination Communication


Non-belief a threat?
A few FAQ about Atheism…


Earring holder… (for the lack of a better name)
DIY Babywearing coat from old coat
One-wet Trainers (for EC) Tutorial
Split crotch pants…


The circ. debate
Progression of a Strawberry mark