We are just a few hours shy of 2013. Wow, 2013…. it wasn’t even a year that I thought of when I young. The year that I will turn 36, that year that at the end of , I will have an 11, 9, 7 and almost 4 year old. The year the hopefully things will start moving for us.

This year was not the easiest for us and though there were many positives, there were some hard times too…

Here are some of the biggest things that happened this year:

My Grandmother (my father’s mom) died on New Years Eve and my dad was back in the hospital for a few months.
Willa turned 2!
We decided to sell the house (still not sold)
My Uncle Marc died from complications due to Diabetes
My Dad Died just a week after my Uncle.
I met Jerry Mitz and Leandre Bergeron at the AQED symposium
Xavier turned 10!
We got the all clear for Wilhelmina! she is now healthy.
Colin turned 8!
We decided that we want to do some bus living 
I shared some financial struggles
Decided to offer my Photography services professionally
Did NaBloPoMo
Learned how to Crochet
Khéna turned 6!
I learned how to Needle Felt

Favourite parenting posts this year:

 High Standards and the Cycle of Coercive Parenting
Discipline and How Non-Punitive Parenting Works
Praise and the proverbial carrot…
What if money didn’t matter?


Happy New Year!!!

Fireworks, Le fête Nationale