I can’t believe that it has been more than a month since I have written here. It feel like I have been stagnant since the fall. I worked like crazy to do my craft fairs, the Khéna’s birthday (He is now 7!) and then we had the holidays and then Willa’s birthday…

She is 4!!! Can you believe it!!


But besides that, I was just without energy and without drive to do anything. The kids have their interests and keep themselves busy, the cat are crazy and keep us laughing. I am still needle felting and I have made a few more sales in Etsy. And I have been going to a knitting group on Thursday evenings… well… we are two and she knits and I needle felt, but it gets me out.

But other than that, we haven’t done much.

Finally in the last week though, I am starting to snap out of it.
– Last week I went into the bus and took all of the measurements again so that we can start planning more.
– Yesterday, I uploaded about 150 pictures to Flickr. I hadn’t put any up since October.
– In the last week I put a few new things up on Etsy and started to write again in the teams that I am in to get more views and make more contacts.
– I have updated my blog, worked on the bus blog, added new needle felts to my portfolio page, and have been working on writing more letters for potential sponsorships.

Now I need to make more effort in writing here again.

And I promise that I will do so…