I had heard and seen what could be done with needle felting but never really saw the interest. I don’t know why but I think I just didn’t really give it much thought. (and yes, Joanna… you had even mentioned it in a comment a few weeks ago ūüėČ )

Well, On Dec 15th, I went to the Xmas party at “Le Milieu“, that¬†little¬†artistic caf√©/workspace that I had talked about in a previous post. I met up with a few friends and made some new friends and at a table this amazing woman named Pandora was giving a little workshop on Needle Felting. My friend Gen said that she was going to go try so I went over with her but didn’t have any intentions of doing it… until I saw it being done… then I wanted to do it.

What ended up¬†happening¬†was sitting down talking and sharing and needle felting for the next couple hours and what I cam home with was this little guy… and a new addiction.

(doesn’t he have attitude!)

My first felting project... Done at "Le Milieu"


A few days later, I ordered my first kit of supplies. I ordered it from the Canadian store Maplerose, which is not only Canadian, and in BC but in Nelson! where I was raised and where we plan to be moving once we can sell this house (and by a big coincidence, where Pandora, the girl who was giving the workshop also lived at the same time as me when we were kids, and even went to the same school as me!!)

So, I got a set of beginner needles, wool batting, an assortment of merino roving colours, a few pipe cleaners and a foam to work on.

and I finally received my order today.

Order cam today... Felting things

I started with a ball at first…

then decided that ball would be a head,

then made ears,

then made a body with a pipe cleaner core and what I ended up with is this little guy..

My first try.... he even has an adjustable body made with a pipecleaner :)

Isn’t he adorable?! I still want to work on him but Willa keeps on insisting that he lives in her dollhouse.

I can’t wait to do more!!


My little bunny