I can’t believe it… two years ago this morning my little girl was born unassisted about 3 feet away from where I am sitting right now.

You can read her birth story here.

Wilhelmina is here!

If you have been reading the blog for a while you will know that this second year has been quite a trial for us. Just to recap quickly for those that might be new, Wilhelmina came down with a fever and stopped eating in June while we were camping and it took nearly a month before we figured out what it was. A bone scan finally discovered that she had a kidney infection and her ureter was blocked and the kidney was basically acting like it was an abscess, filled with puss and making her very very sick. She washospitalised for nearly two weeks and had finally had a nephrostomy tube put in to drain her kidney. She had the tube for three months and then had surgery to reconstruct a congenital defect in her Ureter in October.

Next monday she has a final test to make sure that everything is now working correctly  if it is, we can finally put the whole ordeal behind us.

Gown on and waiting to head up for surgery

Now, she is healthy. She is a healthy, happy, sweet, beautiful, charming, little girl that makes everyone fall in love with her.

Seriously, she wins the heart of anyone she meets within minutes. She smiles and does silly faces and blows kisses and is just a little sweetie. A few weeks ago I had a woman chase me down in the parking lot having bought cookies that Wilhelmina was admiring while we were waiting in line to pay. She told me that Willa just made her smile.


She is a girly girl, loving to take care of her babies, loves to get dressed up, loves princesses and fairies….

little mommy

But she has a definite attitude and stands her ground with her brothers. Of course she charms them too, so she has figured out that she can basically get anything she wants from them.

the four

She also has her daddy wrapped around her little finger… a true daddies girl…

Daddy and willa

She is silly… she knows how to get a laugh and especially loves making her brothers laugh. Nearly every night after her bath she heads to the kitchen, get on the table and dances naked… she poses for her self and does a whole show and knows that we love it… hopefully one day she will do the whole thing dressed because I would love to share it!
My silly girl

Wilhelmina loves to help in the kitchen. I can’t cook without her being next to me on a chair or sitting on the counter. She watches everything, helps out with little tasks, smells all of the spices, cuts her self pieces of cheese, wants to stir and put flour in the bowl, rearranges the cutlery and is just my little kitchen buddy.
helping in the Kitchen

Willa is a little mouse… definitely a grazer and doesn’t eat many meals… she loves cheese, and strawberries, clementines, blackberries, sushi, chocolate, palm hearts, and anything that I am eating when I am eating it.
strawberry girl


She also loves her Maju…
My big girl nursing...

On the EC front (Elimination Communication), with the hospital stays and her surgery we had a setback and she used diapers for about 3 months. She started using diapers at 18 months and was out of them after her surgery at 21 months. It is so great to think that that whole diapering/EC learning phase behind us now… we now have 4 big kids!

Her language is blooming. She uses sentences and we can now have conversations. It is amazing when I realize that I am having a real conversation with my little girl…

Willa reading her book

She is our last child and it is strange to think that I will never again have a 1 year old.

I have a two year old now.

An amazing, beautiful, loving two year old that makes our whole family smile every day.

My girl is 2!!!

Happy Birthday Wilhelmina!