Looking back on 2012, I guess it was really not our year for the big changes that we wanted. Maybe it was for the best, maybe I needed to get ready emotionally and be in a better place. Maybe we needed that time to make the initial leap but were unintentionally resisting what may have come.

A few months ago, our “For Sale” sign blew away. It was just around the time that we realized that we could not get a loan from the bank for our bus project and we were feeling defeated. It was a fitting moment, or so it felt like it and we never bothered putting it back up. I ordered a more professional looking sign from Vistaprint before the holidays and we decided that we would put it up after the holidays. And that is what I did. Out sign is back up and the house is officially up for sale again. It feels good.

Simon and I have been tackling problem areas in our house where there was clutter behind doors. The Tupperware cupboard, the linen closet, the bathroom cupboards and other places like that. I am feeling much less resistance to keeping things and it is easier to let it go. Though I still have a problem with the Kid’s stuff and our love of books etc..

Our dreams this year are to go ahead with our plans and not give up. We want the bus. We need that time and that freedom that the bus could provide to get us back in a better place as a family. We are still in that vicious circle for the bus so I decided to start a bus fund. It is not like me to ask for help, or especially ask for money, but the more I think about it, the more I think that it doesn’t hurt to at least try.

So here I am trying. If you would like to help us out just click on the image above.

My promise to you is that whatever funds we receive will go towards our plans for the future, for the bus or for our move.

I am also going to open another Etsy shop to help us out but I am still questioning what I should put in it. I am loving needle felting and crocheting. I have been less in the sewing room lately but am willing to go back in more often. Is there anything that you are interested in seeing in an Etsy shop? I’ll see what I can do. I need to find a way to work from home, and then on the road, so that we can do this and I am wanting and willing to work as hard as I can for it.

2013 needs to be the year for change.