My Colin turned 8 on the 2nd.

I'm 8!

He is such a joy to be around. He is energetic and always moving. He always doing acrobatics and can jump from heights that make people squeamish.

Colin about to make a splash

Colin's headstand!falling out of a head stand...

He loves to cuddle and he is thoughtful and empathetic and he has deep thoughts about life. His questions at times surprise me.

He loves to draw and create and pretend.

The archer...

He is always laughing and trying to get others to laugh.


This year for his birthday, he wanted the same cake as last year. A Two Tier, 4 layer Neapolitan cake. He loved it….


Colin's cake...Make a wish!

Tiny tasteColin and his cakeHe loved his cake!

 It is a bit strange to think that his whole life has been outlined on this blog. He was just a baby when I stared writing here and now he is an amazing 8-year-old… time goes by way too fast.

Happy Birthday Colin! I love you!

My 8 year old!