Saturday was the AQED (Quebec Homeschooling Association) Symposium.

When I saw that the Quebec author Leandre Bergeron was going to be speaking, I knew that I had to go!

Leandre Bergeron is an inspiration for me. Though I only read his book in the last few years, it was such validation to read someone living my ideal. He rarely speaks anymore as he lives quite far and is now 82 years old, so I looked forward to going to the conference and meeting him. About two weeks ago, I was asked to be an official photographer for the conference also, my only stipulation was that I would not be missing him talk, other than that, I was happy to do it.

I picked up my new camera on Friday evening… yes… I have a NEW camera… a Pentax K-5!!! and then went out for supper with a friend of mine and slept over at her house so that we could head out early in the morning.

The best way to learn a new camera is to dive into it and I could not have thought of a better venue to do so. My morning was spent taking pictures, talking to friends and even talking quite a few times to Jerry Mintz of AERO.

Jerry Mintz

Jerry Mintz / AQED Symposium 2012

Various pics taken during the day… To see larger just click on them…

Serge Mongeau /AQED Symposium 2012MarikeAQED Symposium 2012AQED Symposium 2012

GenevieveAQED Symposium 2012AQED Symposium 2012

Martine and CamilleJosé / AQED Symposium 2012Marie-Line / AQED Symposium 2012AQED Symposium 2012

In the afternoon I headed to Jerry Mintz’s workshop which was an hour and a half. Jerry Mintz is the director of AERO. Here is a great summary of AERO found on his site.

Let’s not reform education.
Let’s revolutionize education.

Let’s set aside the
decaying and decrepit schools
and education paradigms
of past eras and commit ourselves
to a new understanding of education
that recognizes humans as natural learners
and extends basic human rights to children
in their learning endeavors.

This magazine is committed to advancing the Education Revolution
by printing news and essays from around the world related to issues of alternative education
at the intersection of culture, power, and learning.

He started his workshop by teaching a few kids how to play table tennis, even though there was a language barrier, they had no problem picking up all of the basics and though a few people I think didn’t understand why he was doing it, and left, the rest of us were fascinated seeing the learning process.
Jerry Mintz teaching ping pong..
He then went on to talk about unschooling, democratic schools, free schools, Summerhill and so many more interesting ideas and projects. We asked him then if he could demonstrate a democratic meeting with a few kids and had a great stories about what he has done with the kids of his school including travelling the throughout North America and even getting to the Bahamas.
After his workshop/talk we headed to see Leandre Bergeron… Seeing him talk was as inspiring as I could have imagined.
Leandre BergeronLeandre BergeronLeandre BergeronLeandre Bergeron
Afterwards, we even talked for a while and I took a few pictures with him and Jerry Mintz with the AQED committee and I was able to get some for myself also.

Me with Leandre Bergeron and Jerry Mintz

What a great, inspiring day with friends, fellow homeschoolers and great minds.