My Colin turned 8 on the 2nd.

I'm 8!

He is such a joy to be around. He is energetic and always moving. He always doing acrobatics and can jump from heights that make people squeamish.

Colin about to make a splash

Colin's headstand!falling out of a head stand...

He loves to cuddle and he is thoughtful and empathetic and he has deep thoughts about life. His questions at times surprise me.

He loves to draw and create and pretend.

The archer...

He is always laughing and trying to get others to laugh.


This year for his birthday, he wanted the same cake as last year. A Two Tier, 4 layer Neapolitan cake. He loved it….


Colin's cake...Make a wish!

Tiny tasteColin and his cakeHe loved his cake!

 It is a bit strange to think that his whole life has been outlined on this blog. He was just a baby when I stared writing here and now he is an amazing 8-year-old… time goes by way too fast.

Happy Birthday Colin! I love you!

My 8 year old!



Wow… I am really late on this post.
On July 16th my first born, my oldest son, turned ten. TEN! I have a kid in the double digits now!

My 10 year old

Ten years ago I was a brand new mom, just getting used to breastfeeding and having this little baby to take care of.

(Here he is at 20 hours old… wow! feels like a lifetime ago)

He loves video games, bounce parties on the trampoline, swimming, biking and being a big brother.

Sibling love :)

Like every year, we went out for his birthday and he chose his gifts. We had a last-minute change of plans because the hospital had scheduled an ultra-sound and check-up for Wilhelmina so we had to head to Montreal bright and early. While I was at the hospital with Willa (we got good news and everything is looking great), the boys and Simon went out for breakfast and then met up with us after. Xavier had already gotten a new watch and a book and then chose two Halo Mega Blocks sets as his gifts and then we went out for a late lunch and headed back home and had cake.
His choice this year was my White (Butter Cookie) Cake with Vanilla bean buttercream frosting and strawberries on top.

Birthday boy...

Vanilla cake and vanilla bean buttercream icing

Proud to be 10

Happy Birthday Xavier… You are growing up into an amazing little man…

Xavier is 10!


It's July!

And it is 6 days into it at that!

If you know me, you know that slow down my writing int the summer… so I thought I should write a catch up post to just share what has been happening. The boys started summer camp two weeks ago. It is the second year that they go but the first time that Khéna has gone. It is a century old summer camp that is about 7 minutes drive from our house and the kids are in the basic program which is 3 days a week from 9-3 and the counsellors are great. It think that the hardest thing is getting lunches ready everyday. I have to say, it is not something that I enjoy all that much. Though I do love surprising them with treats…

Sandwich, juice, carrot sticks, a pear, fishes and marshmallows.

I got these amazing lunch boxes last year and they have held up so well. They are from Goodbyn and they come with fun stickers to personalize. I love that there is no hassle, nothing can get lost and there is nothing to throw out. The kids love them too…


Because of their ages, they are all in different groups. I think they find it strange to be apart but good at the same time and they love to see each other when they finish the day. Colin and Khéna may be the younger of the two, but they have no problem jumping in and talking to everyone and being part of all the activities. Xavier though is the guy who needs to observe and stay back without being pushed, and then will jump in when he is ready. The counsellors are very respectful of the kids and from what I observed he was able to be himself and observe and then participate just as much as he was comfortable with, and then yesterday he finally jumped in.

They look so tired at the end of the day which is great! And looking at this picture, I need to give the middle one a haircut and isn’t amazing how big Xavier is now! He will be 10 in just 10 days!

While they are at camp, Wilhelmina and I hang around together, go in the pool, go to the park and just do stuff around the house. I have to say that having one kid is sometimes much more challenging than having four. When the boys are here, she is always with them but When we are alone, she is looking for things to do and she gets into so much mischief. The boys were energetic and loud when they were little but wow, she is into everything. Did I just forget what about what having a toddler is like? I do know one thing, the boys never changed their clothes every few minutes in the day.

See this dress? It is one of her favourites. I had never shared it, though I had meant to. I made the pattern and sewed it around Easter with the matching doll dress…

Willa and her baby... Matching dresses!drawingShe loves her babies...

On the days that the boys are home we hang out in the yard and pool, drink many smoothies and just relax in the heat…

What is summer without drinking from the sprinkler?

or doing handstand on the lawn…

Khéna trying to do a headstandfalling out of a head stand...Colin's headstand!
 How is your summer? If you blog… so you have a normal slowing down period too?



is completely healthy and growing like a weed…

Getting so big

Though it is amazing how fast children recover from sickness and surgery, It took a few weeks for her to get back to normal. Now she is not only back to normal but she is way better than she has been in months.

silly face

She repeats everything we say and is stringing sentences together..

This morning she woke up, shrugged her shoulders with her palms up in the air and said “Where is Daddy” so I said he was at work… so she said “ohh” in a sad voice and then widened her eyes, got off the bed and screamed “peepee!!!” as she ran to the bathroom…


With three brothers she holds her own… no one can tell her what to do!!

But, she is also very much a little girl… no tomboy here, she is rough and tough and loves the colour pink and cute dresses and loves her baby…

loving her baby

With her baby

(babies of course need to nurse!)

about to give Maju to her baby

It is just amazing/scary/shocking to think that she could have not been here if her pyonephrosis wasn’t caught when it was…

She is the cherry on top of our sundae 🙂

my lollipop licking little girl 🙂

Lollipop kid



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