I haven’t updated on my spinning in a while!

I have been busy with the bus, with felting and with spinning lately. Of course the kids get first dibs on my attention, but the house regrettably has been in dead last position.

So here are some of my yarns since the last time that I posted….

This is the rest a purple single that I had, plied with the rest of that coffee dyed single.


This one I call “Blueberry Cobbler” I have two Skeins like this… One is 226 yards and the other is 255 yards
both are 2 ply – Sport weight.



The next skein turned out SO soft and fluffy! It is an amazing Lilac colour merino and is plied with a thread weight weight merino.

Look how thin this white is!


This is also my largest single skein to date. 670+ yards of Sport weight bordering on Fingering.



And my last skein. This is the last of the Northern lights that I bought when I started to learn how to spin.
Check out what these same fibres looked like when I spun them just 2 months ago!
and here they are now….

428 yards… Sport weight.

May14-154 May14-163