A couple of weeks ago Simon asked Xavier to read the time on the oven from the table and Xavier could not see it. We realized that he was also sitting closer and closer to the TV to play games. We knew we had to get his eyes checked.
When Simon and I got some glasses in the mail and Xavier tried them on, it really clicked though.
My prescription is not very strong so when he put my glasses on and looked across the street he could not believe his eyes. He could see the address of the house across the street.

With going back to school time, it took a couple weeks for him to get an appointment and he was looking forward to going but nervous at the same time.

The appointment went great and as we suspected he has myopia. The optometrist explained that his vision will most likely change over the next few years as his body and eyes grow. Simon started around the same age and has a very strong prescription, while I only started wearing them in my late teens.  So the explanation made a lot of sense.

Our last pairs of glasses were bought over the internet so I wanted to go the same route with Xavier. It was a bit harder to do because I didn’t have a frame to base what he needed on. Simon last pair were a simple black frame that were one of the smallest in the men’s frames and fit him well, so we decided to take those and by putting his picture up and trying different frames on him I saw that the rimless glasses really fit him well also so I go a pair of those which were in the larger kid sizes. He got them today…

Outside looking at the yard with and without the glasses… So many things he can see now!

without...seeing details with...

They are not the perfect fit, but they are pretty close and will do for now.

I will know exactly what to look for if we decided to get him another frame and with the price we paid for 2 pairs (40$ with shipping) a bit of trial and error isn’t that hard for the bank.

He looks so much more like me here…

He looks like my dad in the one...


So happy…

Xavier's new glasses

Pair #2

My boy is not so little anymore…

My handsome Kid

Wilhelmina is Three!

Three years ago yesterday morning, Wilhelmina was born just a couple of feet from where I am sitting right now. Unassisted in a birthing pool in our living room.


I can’t believe she is already 3.

She is spunky, energetic, has a sense of style and loves to show off. The minute Simon gets home she is showing him her nails and the way she is dressed (which changes about 4-5 times a day at times. She is very girly and loves sparkles and pink and purple, pretty dresses and nail polish but she holds her own when it comes to her brothers. There is no way the get away with doing her wrong. She also loves making her brothers laugh which at the moment means that she may moon them when they are least expecting. (I have no clue where she learned that one).

She is of course still nursing and is not close to weaning yet.

Are you taking pictures of me?My girl is Three!!

She loves to sing and is constantly singing the ABC song (and gets through it almost perfectly except for L-M-N-O-P which are one strange-sounding letter) and her other favourites are  Twinkle-Twinkle little star and Mr. Sun. She also recognizes many letters and knows a few letter sounds. She loves looking at books and being read to.

She has an amazing vocabulary and speaks perfectly and we love having conversations with her.

She loves playing with whatever her brothers are playing but she is always seeking out the girl character in their games. Being the only girl with three boys, I think that finding things that she relates to has become important for her.

Birthday Girl

For her birthday this year I bought a small jewelry box for her and found rings and bracelets and other things that she can play with.

Jewelry boxMina loves her gift

We also got her another box with a pen, note pad and with a little diary with a lock and key. Small things like that make her so happy.

We also got her something to expand her dollhouse. A car from her critters that she got a few weeks ago at X-mas. She Loves cars so she was really happy to have one of her own.

Birthday girlHer creatures have a new car

I always ask the kids what their cake should be and her answer was pink cupcakes. So that is what I made. I tried a new recipe for vanilla cupcakes which turned out perfectly and I used my Vanilla buttercream frosting but added beet juice to give it a perfect pink colour.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink (beet juice stained) Icing

She was so excited when it was time to sing happy birthday…

Happy Third Birthday!!

With each milestone, with each birthday, and her being my last baby, I realize that our family is growing and maturing. Each stage that she leaves behind is the last time that we will experience that. It feels bittersweet at times, but it also feels right.

Happy Birthday Wilhelmina!

Holiday pictures…

WordPress is making it easier and easier to add pictures to posts and I use the Galleries on my Photography blog so I decided to try it here also…

Here are the holiday pictures I took two days ago to put in the yearly photo book we make for family. I set up lights in my living room as it was a grey and miserable day and had a quick photo shoot.

You can see each picture larger and even comment on individual photos as well as on the post as usual.

Hope this works for everyone!


My Khéna is six!

For those who has been following my blog for a while you may remember following my unassisted pregnancy and then the birth of Khéna. His birth was such a healing time for me. He was my largest baby and after two long and hard labours that did not go as planned, his birth was perfect and so was he.

Just born…. a few days old…. 9 weeks old

just bornKhéna 10 days oldKhéna ~ 9 weeks- 19 pounds!

He was such a big baby and he has grown into a tall and heavy but now thin 6 year old. There are days that we look through pictures and I find it amazing how much he has changed and grown.

Khéna 1 month old!Smiley face ;)he spotted me!khénaskrunchy face...

Khéna sleepingall smiles with a new haircut...KhénaKhénasmile!!

KhénaProud big brother Khéna...KhénaKhénaKhéna

Khéna is an amazing kid. He is always happy and laughing and trying to make others laugh. He loves cars and trucks, policemen and firemen and anything with a motor or mechanical , something that the other boys had their phases but then moved on. He can play with playmobils for hours and is now getting into making elaborate Lego sets. He loves animals and his favourite show to watch is Zaboomafoo and he will mention obscure animal fact at random times in the day. Today we went to Build-a-Bear and he made the coolest bear with two of favourite passions. A Jaguar bear in a Police Uniform. (I’ll take a picture tomorrow)

Khéna is such a loving kid. He loves to give hugs and kisses and is always saying I love you. He is considerate and understanding and wants everyone to be happy around him.

Khéna and I

He is such a joy to be around…

I love you Khéna, Happy Birthday!


Halloween 2012

Some pictures from Halloween…

Xavier was a Creeper from the popular computer game Minecraft… and Colin was Iron Man… both of the costumes were made from boxes, covered in paper and held all covered in 3 rolls of packing tape…

Xavier - CreeperIron manCreeper attacking Iron Man


Khéna was a UN Peace keeper and Wilhelmina was a rainbow fairy one day and a blue fairy the next…


Khéna the Soldierlittle rainbow fairyMina

Over the weekend we went to our friend Jody’s house for their annual Halloween party which was great as usual. The kids played in and out and expored he haunted graveyard in the back yard… it is great!

The Haunted GraveyardThe Haunted Graveyard

We were wondering along with many if we would be able to go out on Halloween this year and luckily for us we had warmer then usual (very humid) temperatures with only slight periods of drizzle. We also had two coughing kids and one kid that was feeling under the weather so we made the evening shorter then usual. All was fine though and the kids were getting tired and at the end of their energy by the time we arrived home.

Halloween 2012

Wilhelmina had no hesitation at all going up to the houses all by herself, we didn’t go up to a door with them at all… It was adorable, she would head up to the door and say “Trick or Treat” and then say thank you and then flutter away shouting out “Happy Halloween!” and then come show us what she got. Khéna was on double speed the whole evening… he would be the first one at the door and the first one back and ready for the next. Colin was a bit under the weather and was lagging behind most of the time and was ready to be home by the fifth door we went to. Xavier had some costume issues… even with his head off he couldn’t see the stairs and twice fell down… Luckily the box was also great padding and he would just joke and laugh because he couldn’t get up again…

nearing the end...not shy at all

We got home and dumped all of the candy on the table. Xavier meticulously read all of the ingredients and we all sorted the candy into two piles… a very large “what we can’t eat” and a very reasonable pile of what we can which ended up being mostly only chocolate and chips… we handed out some of the “what we can’t eat” to some late trick or treaters and then closed up for the night and everyone fell asleep quickly and soundly…

Our PumpkinsOur Pumpkins

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