As you may see there are some changes on my blog. Some are visual changes…. actually there are many are visual changes,  but the biggest change is in the back-end.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 6.39.49 PM

Three installations of WordPress have now become one. Main page, Blog and Bus. All without changing each address.

It will be easier to keep up, more inviting for me to write, and it will hopefully be more user-friendly to explore and see everything that I have to offer.
I have to say, I am loving the look of it.

One of the main reasons that I had originally set things up the way I had been logistics since my blog has always been at /blog which in turn would have severed many of my links or made things harder to change if I would have changed the folder or address.  There are still some kinks to work out with a few broken links and images but everything is slowly being taken care of when I find the issues. I have updated my feed also and hopefully everything is working on that end also.

The other issue was that I wanted  to keep myself open to the potential of advertising on my bus page if I wanted to go that way without ever have ads on my Blog. It has always been important for me to have an ad free blog but I think that I will be able to work things out so that any advertizing would only be on the bus pages leaving the rest ad free. I can always work something out later if it came to that, but I love being able to post on my blog and my bus page at the same time, but have only the bus posts on the bus page.

I would love to have your opinion of the look and how things work,  and if you find any little problems please tell me!!