I wanted to write this post 2 weeks ago… wow… so many things to do and it is hard to sit down and take the time to write.

My first spinning wheel didn’t stay in the house for long. I bought it on a friday and by Monday I felt the limitations and I also confirmed to myself that spinning was something that I wanted to do. That was part of the hesitation of buying my coveted wheel in the first place. With that hesitation gone, there was nothing left keeping me from buying the wheel I wanted. A wheel that I would not only be able to grow into but I may not grow out of soon and as a bonus, would be able to fold so that it would come with me when we head onto the bus.

This wheel is the Lendrum wheel.

Made in Ontario by Mr. Lendrum for the last 30 years, this wheel is loved by many. I ordered it from a distributor in Ontario on the Wednesday and on Friday, it arrived at my door. Exactly 1 week after I bought the Kiwi 2 (which is now sold and in someone elses home as their first wheel)

I got the Lendrum Complete Kit. It has a double treadle and came with the regular flyer, 4 bobbins, a Lazy Kate,  a fast flyer and a jumbo flyer and bobbin. It folds into half for easy transport and spins beautifully.



Here it is all set up and ready to spin!

My first thing that I spun on it was this purple…. 

Which I then Navajo Plyed… not my favourite but it is all practice…

I then made another attempt at this colourway which I love… I needed to make more because I wanted to then knit it up into something wearable.


Isn’t it pretty?

Then I made this pretty yarn using a orange merino and plying it with white merino…

This is one of my favourites… it is 163 yards of DK weight (13 WPI) I call it “Creamsicle”