is completely healthy and growing like a weed…

Getting so big

Though it is amazing how fast children recover from sickness and surgery, It took a few weeks for her to get back to normal. Now she is not only back to normal but she is way better than she has been in months.

silly face

She repeats everything we say and is stringing sentences together..

This morning she woke up, shrugged her shoulders with her palms up in the air and said “Where is Daddy” so I said he was at work… so she said “ohh” in a sad voice and then widened her eyes, got off the bed and screamed “peepee!!!” as she ran to the bathroom…


With three brothers she holds her own… no one can tell her what to do!!

But, she is also very much a little girl… no tomboy here, she is rough and tough and loves the colour pink and cute dresses and loves her baby…

loving her baby

With her baby

(babies of course need to nurse!)

about to give Maju to her baby

It is just amazing/scary/shocking to think that she could have not been here if her pyonephrosis wasn’t caught when it was…

She is the cherry on top of our sundae 🙂

my lollipop licking little girl 🙂

Lollipop kid