See this?


It is the bus we wanted to buy last year which did not work out. The owner was understanding but I told him to not give up on us. His bus was our perfect bus. Every bus I have seen (except for an amazing already converted bus we tried to get a couple months ago but went to someone else) I have compared to this one.

A few month ago, after the holidays, I e-mailed him to see if it was still available and he said that it was. We continued to save up our money. The add expired and he did not put it back up. He went on vacation for two months and when he returned he said to make an offer and we could probably work something out. Well, on Saturday  we did.  And about an hour later, he accepted our offer. Of course, it is New Brunswick, so I will have to take a train and drive it back. Insurance is already on it and starting next week when I plan to go, so barring extreme circumstances…


It is ours!!


Here are the specs for those interested or know about this type of thing 🙂
1992 All American/All Canadian,
8.3 Cummins diesel automatic 298000 km.
Air brakes. Single rear axle, tinted side windows, air conditioning, basement storages,
#5 towing rig 7 and 4 hook-up wire, trailer brake leaver by steering ,
air seat suspension.

It was a military vehicle until it was sold at Auction in BC to the current owner that used it to move across Canada. He then decided to not convert it and decided to sell it. It was inspected when he moved but since then he has moved it around his property every few weeks but hasn’t driven it off the property.


We are not blind to how much work it will take to get the bus into the home we want it to be but now we can start!