For those who has been following my blog for a while you may remember following my unassisted pregnancy and then the birth of Khéna. His birth was such a healing time for me. He was my largest baby and after two long and hard labours that did not go as planned, his birth was perfect and so was he.

Just born…. a few days old…. 9 weeks old

just bornKhéna 10 days oldKhéna ~ 9 weeks- 19 pounds!

He was such a big baby and he has grown into a tall and heavy but now thin 6 year old. There are days that we look through pictures and I find it amazing how much he has changed and grown.

Khéna 1 month old!Smiley face ;)he spotted me!khénaskrunchy face...

Khéna sleepingall smiles with a new haircut...KhénaKhénasmile!!

KhénaProud big brother Khéna...KhénaKhénaKhéna

Khéna is an amazing kid. He is always happy and laughing and trying to make others laugh. He loves cars and trucks, policemen and firemen and anything with a motor or mechanical , something that the other boys had their phases but then moved on. He can play with playmobils for hours and is now getting into making elaborate Lego sets. He loves animals and his favourite show to watch is Zaboomafoo and he will mention obscure animal fact at random times in the day. Today we went to Build-a-Bear and he made the coolest bear with two of favourite passions. A Jaguar bear in a Police Uniform. (I’ll take a picture tomorrow)

Khéna is such a loving kid. He loves to give hugs and kisses and is always saying I love you. He is considerate and understanding and wants everyone to be happy around him.

Khéna and I

He is such a joy to be around…

I love you Khéna, Happy Birthday!