Three years ago yesterday morning, Wilhelmina was born just a couple of feet from where I am sitting right now. Unassisted in a birthing pool in our living room.


I can’t believe she is already 3.

She is spunky, energetic, has a sense of style and loves to show off. The minute Simon gets home she is showing him her nails and the way she is dressed (which changes about 4-5 times a day at times. She is very girly and loves sparkles and pink and purple, pretty dresses and nail polish but she holds her own when it comes to her brothers. There is no way the get away with doing her wrong. She also loves making her brothers laugh which at the moment means that she may moon them when they are least expecting. (I have no clue where she learned that one).

She is of course still nursing and is not close to weaning yet.

Are you taking pictures of me?My girl is Three!!

She loves to sing and is constantly singing the ABC song (and gets through it almost perfectly except for L-M-N-O-P which are one strange-sounding letter) and her other favourites are  Twinkle-Twinkle little star and Mr. Sun. She also recognizes many letters and knows a few letter sounds. She loves looking at books and being read to.

She has an amazing vocabulary and speaks perfectly and we love having conversations with her.

She loves playing with whatever her brothers are playing but she is always seeking out the girl character in their games. Being the only girl with three boys, I think that finding things that she relates to has become important for her.

Birthday Girl

For her birthday this year I bought a small jewelry box for her and found rings and bracelets and other things that she can play with.

Jewelry boxMina loves her gift

We also got her another box with a pen, note pad and with a little diary with a lock and key. Small things like that make her so happy.

We also got her something to expand her dollhouse. A car from her critters that she got a few weeks ago at X-mas. She Loves cars so she was really happy to have one of her own.

Birthday girlHer creatures have a new car

I always ask the kids what their cake should be and her answer was pink cupcakes. So that is what I made. I tried a new recipe for vanilla cupcakes which turned out perfectly and I used my Vanilla buttercream frosting but added beet juice to give it a perfect pink colour.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink (beet juice stained) Icing

She was so excited when it was time to sing happy birthday…

Happy Third Birthday!!

With each milestone, with each birthday, and her being my last baby, I realize that our family is growing and maturing. Each stage that she leaves behind is the last time that we will experience that. It feels bittersweet at times, but it also feels right.

Happy Birthday Wilhelmina!