Cat Ears and Tail… (Crochet Pattern)

Wilhelmina the cat

Wilhelmina is often a cat… or a horse.. but mostly a cat and can spend hours being one.

Now that I am crocheting, I thought it would be a great way to make her some ears and a tail.

The cat's on the table...

I looked for some patterns but I couldn’t find anything that looked like what I wanted so I decided to make it up as a went along.

Wilhelmina with her new cats ears and tail

I am going to do my best to write this out because as I said, I made it up as I went along and I am still not 100% sure how to write one yet and am doing this from memory, but I will try my best. Hopefully at least it will be a starting point.

The tail was quite easy.  ( I used worsted weight yarn and a 5mm hook)

  • Round 1 : Make a magic circle (or chain 3 and join with a sl st) chain one, and then HDC (half double crochet) six stitches into the circle and join with first stich. (6 hdc)
  • Round 2 :chain 2, 2hdc in each hdc and sl st in starting stich (12 hdc)
  • Round 3  : chain 1, hdc in each sc and do not join or turn but continue going around and around until you reach the desired length. (I made it about 19 inches)
  • When you are the length you wish, with the working stitch completely to one side, squeeze the circle together and sc across the top so that is closes the tail. chain one, turn.
  • HDC the next 4 rows and TO leaving a long tail (you will use it to sew the tail on the belt)
The belt…
  • Chain as many stitches to achieve the desired length for the waist plus another inch or two for where the button-hole will overlap, chain 2 and hdc into the second chain from hook.
  • Row 1: HDC across the whole row, chain 2, turn
  • Row 2: HDC in 2nd stitch, sl st through next two stitches  this will create the button-hole) HDC until you reach the end, chain 2 and turn.
  • Row 3: HDC in 2nd stich, HDC until you reach the stich before the 2 sl st in the previous row. 2 HDC in that stitch, skip the 2 sl st and then HDC in the next stich and to the end. chain 1, turn.
  • row 4: SC in the next 6 stiches and then join to the 3rd row with a sl st (this is reinforce the top of the button-hole without widening the whole belt… though you can HDC and go to the end if you want and have a wider belt)

Sew a button onto one side of the belt and then sew the tail into the middle of the belt.


I close my eyes!

Now the ears…

The headband was actually a knitting mishap where I messed up half way through and did the opposite that I was supposed to. Instead of unravelling it, I made it into a headband. It is about 4 inches wide and tapers at the ends where they meet and is K, P for half and just P on the other.
You can use the same instructions for the belt to make the headband though, minus the button-hole it you don’t want it… just chain the length you want it to be and then crochet the rows in sc or hdc until you get the desired width.

For the ears themselves… (make 2 in the inner ear colour and 2 in the outer ear colour)

  • Round 1: Make a magic circle or chain 3 and sl st to join. SC 6 in circle, tighten the circle (where the magic circle comes in handy)
  • Round 2: [SC, chain 2, SC] in same stitch, SC in next, [SC, chain 2, SC], SC in next st,  [SC, chain 2, SC], SC in last stitch. Join with sl st to first st. chain 1.
  • Round 3: SC in same stitch, SC in next stitch, chain 2, (should be above the last chain 2) SC in next 3 st, chain 2, SC in next 3 st, chain 2, SC in next st and join to first st and TO. ( I then tied both loose yarns together in the back of the ear and cut the ends off)
Place the inner ear and the outer ear together and SC around the whole outside to join the two together and make the outlining ear. TO leaving a long tail.
Sew the ears where you want them to be on the headband.

Isn’t she adorable?

My little kitten...Cat ears

mona liscatFunny face

Writing the pattern out was actually easier than I would have thought, but I might have made some mistakes so don’t hesitate to point them out if you see them 🙂

note: please do not sell items that are made from this pattern unless you buy the License,  and if you do make something please give due credit and send people back to this page. Thank you!


Not everyone can crochet or has the time to do so, so if you want to make these items and sell them, you may purchase a license to do so.

-One Limited Commercial License = One pattern / tutorial

One License must be purchased for each person who makes or sells the tutorial / pattern (so if two people are making them for an etsy shop of craft fair, both must buy the license)

I still retain copyright on the tutorial / pattern itself.

Lastly, when selling or listing the item, design credit must be given to A hippie with a Minivan with a link to this site or pattern.

Also, if you wish you may send me the link to your shop so that I can send people to you!

By purchasing the license, you agree with the terms

Thank you! and happy sewing!


Salt dough

I shared the recipe for these a couple of years back but I thought I would make an updated post…

We put our tree up this weekend and while it went up I decided not to put all of the old salt dough ornaments that we had made before. I did keep a select few, but I wanted to leave a bit of place so that we could make more and so we did…

Xmas tree is up...

Yesterday, I made the dough and we made our ornaments and then the boys used the rest to make their own things to then paint and play with (mostly furniture for Lego and Mega Blok figures) and we dried them during the afternoon…

The dough is simple to make and even more simple when using a Food Processor as it kneads quickly and the more you knead the dough, the more supple it will be.

For the dough you need:

  • 2 cups of Flour
  • 1 cup of Salt
  • 1 cup of water

That’s it… dump it into a bowl or the food processor and knead until soft and supple, adding more flour if needed. I doubled the dough (but only used 1 1/4 cup of salt) so that we could have fun with more but really, the normal recipe would have been sufficient.

Roll out the dough and cut out the ornaments, or shape them freehand. Place in the oven at 250 and bake for about an hour or two until they are hard and dry. Don’t forget to poke holes in them before you stick them in the oven! You can use a straw to make the perfect sized hole.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Today we painted them. We actually don’t get the paints out that often around here so the kids always have a great time painting… I should really do it more often because I find it so much fun also!


(letting them dry after being painted)

drying out...

After painting them, I added some Mod Podge to the ones I made to give them lustre. Using a water based paint and the Mod Podge wasn’t the best idea but I was able to work around it and work with the paint coming off slightly and I actually love the effect it made. (especially the snowman and the strawberry)

(in the strawberry, the wreath, and the cupcake, the hole for the string is going from side the side)

I added mod podge on my ornaments

 This is such a fun project to do with the kids and having our own ornaments on the tree makes it even more special.

another Candy CaneSanta...Candy CaneSnowman

So Many Pizzas…

So I have taken a few days off of blogging after finishing NaBloPoMo… I have to start again though or I will quickly go back into that rut!

We had Khéna’s party on Saturday and it was great. We not only had a few friends with their kids there, but we also had Simon’s Sister, Mom, Dad, Dad’s girlfriend and Grandma there also… It think it was the 3rd time in all of our relationship that I had seen Simon’s parents and sister all at the same time. It went quite well, though I have to admit that I wasn’t very present. That is the thing about having a party, you can’t actually sit down and talk to the guests much. Of course, me being in the kitchen, rolling out dough and making pizzas to order, didn’t really help my cause…

I made 10 pizzas in all, and by the end I was hot and exhausted and of course hungry! It was great though and I loved making the dough ahead of time, getting all the toppings ready and making everyone happy with a pizza they would enjoy.  We also had two amazing salads, fresh pita chips and veggies with Baba Ganoush and some juice for the kids. It was just perfect.

I do have to say that there was an odd moment when my FIL started to talk homeschooling and language issues with a guest. I could hear them talk and I felt so embarrassed for him.  Luckily, he was talking to a great guest that had some great answers and the conversation didn’t get much further afterwards. I think it was a good thing to have the family there as they were able to see that our choices are not that crazy and we are not the only ones making them. We had a house full of great parents and great kids that are all life learners. Yes, it was a good thing.

I didn’t get my camera out much except for when Khéna opened a few gifts and then of course Cake time…

opening gifts at his birthday Party

 It was Khéna’s first Birthday Party. Usually birthdays are low key here. We go out shopping, let the kids choose a meal and do the cake just us together. Maybe have a grandma over or something but not usually. This party was a special request this year and he was not disappointed! His face lit of with pride when he sat at the table and everyone sang to him.

Ready for his Cake!

Black Magic Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Icing and Cupcakes topped with a raspberry on the side.

Cake and cupcakes...

Make a wish!

My Birthday Boy..Make a wish!

This was a day that I think he will remember for years to come.

I still can’t believe that he is six!

30 days hath November…

I did it! I got through another year of NaBloPoMo!!

Not only that, but it wasn’t really that hard this year. I have to admit, there were days that I didn’t feel like posting (today is one of them) but I felt the need to just write a little something and often that turned into a whole post. There are still many parenting posts that are sitting half-finished in my draft folder so I will be working on those and I promise to keep up the posting on a more regular basis.

I have to say, it is going to feel great not feeling like I HAVE to post each day, which in many ways, takes away from the way I want to blog.

Now to relax a bit and continue preparing for Khéna’s party tomorrow..

Thanks for following!

New Hats…

On Tuesday I shared this picture of a project that was on my hook at around 8pm just before I wrote the post: beginnings of a hatIt was my first “real” pattern and I was wondering how it would turn out though I was really liking the results… I put Wilhelmina to bed and went back to it and did another two rounds and realized that the pattern was not going to work out for me because even the smallest size was too large for my little head (hats rarely fit me because of that) so I took a deep breath and unraveled it down to about the 3rd round and started again from there. I deviated from the pattern after that for a few rounds to keep the size from getting bigger by adding a few decreases and then got back on track and adjusted the rest of the pattern logically because the stitches no longer matched and it was much easier than I would have guessed. By 11:00 I was done. I did it! I made my first hat, and not only that, I made a hat that actually fits me well (I think!)

My new HatMy new Hat!

Then, today, as Willa napped on me, I whipped up another hat in her size from a different, but similar pattern. All in her nap which was about 1 1/2 hours. We all have small heads here so I might pass this one to one of the boys and make her another a bit smaller but I love the look!

Willa's new hatWilla's Hat

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