Colin has been battling with eczema for a while now. Last year his fingers were so dry and cracked he was often crying because of the pain. So, we cut a lot of his dairy intake to see if his fingers would get better and they did! However, I didn’t know if was due to the dairy or the season, so over the summer he started having more dairy again (Ice cream, whipped cream, Birthday cake etc). This time, he started to get eczema around his mouth and on his face and again his fingers became cracked  and he was again in pain. Just look at them!

Colin's fingers

So again, we decided to cut down on dairy. This time we are doing it as a family though, cutting out as much as we can and maybe only keeping it for treats. In the 2 weeks that we have cut “most” dairy out of Colin’s diet his rash has started to fade and his fingers are now getting better. We are now finishing up the stuff in the house and I will not be buying anymore for a while. It will probably show quite a bit in our monthly spending also… Dairy is expensive!