Free Book :)

I told you about my love of the books that I made… and the great deals I have gotten from Shutterfly

Now it’s your turn…

I can give 4 people the oppurtunity to get their own free 8X8 hard cover book from Shutterfly. (as long as you are not already a member 😉 )

The catch? I would love to know how you found my blog and what brings you back!

I’ll choose the four lucky people at random on Sunday morning.

Wilhelmina's book

The ABC's of Wilhelmina

I got a great deal on Shutterfly before the holidays and made a few photobooks for family, for us and for Wilhelmina.

For family, it was a compilation of our favourite photos and memories of 2010… For us, I made a book capturing my trip to Prince-Rupert last year and also sent one of those to Annie

My favourite book however, is the one I made for Wilhelmina.

An ABC book all about her….

I ordered it in both an 8X10 and a 5X7 format… the larger hard cover one will be a great memory book and will be for a bit later when she is a bit more careful with books and the smaller version is great to carry around and for her to look at on her own…

Each page has a theme with the corresponding letter…

Loving her book :)

A is for Adorable
B is for Brothers
C is for Colin
D is for Daddy
E is for Eat
F is for Family
G is for Giggles
H is for Happy
I is for Itty bitty Mina
J is for Joyful
K is for Khéna
L is for Love
Looking at her book
M is for Mama
N is for Nala
O is for Outside
P is for Potty
Q is for Quebec
R is for Red
S is for Silly
T is for Trip
U is for Unique
V is for Violet
W is for Wilhelmina
X is for Xavier
Y is for You
Z is for Zzzzz….

Wilhelmina's book

If you didn’t catch the link above, you can flip through the ABC book here 🙂

Photo books are such an amazing and beautiful way to keep and share memories, especially now in such a digital world.

Last day…

Today is the last day of Simon’s vacation, it is raining so we are having a quiet day at home…

I am really happy with the time that was spent while he was home.. we got out often, did quite a few things but didn’t wear ourselves out… Of course it would be great if he could have a little more time off but he is keeping two of his weeks to take a bit later in the year or add to his parental leave when the new babe comes…

On Thursday night Amy left a message on the post I wrote about 6TZEN saying that she had contacted them in Montreal and that they would be meeting her for a picnic on Friday… I couldn’t pass up on the possibility of meeting the family again so on Friday morning we went to Montreal t meet up with all of them…

I am so happy that we did… the kids played, the parents talked and it was amazing to find out how much we all have in common.. In Normandy, Estelle gives workshops on Nonviolent Communication, teaches babywearing,  is a homebirther and helps moms breastfeed, … though the system is set up differently there and there is less educational freedom they believe in life learning and non-coersive parenting and are in no way helicopter parents… Arnaud commented to Simon that it is amazing to things that we come from half a world away but that we have so much in common…

After a few hours of talking and get to know each other and the kids playing in the park and the water feature it was time to say good bye… It is probably the last time that we will meet but I don’t think it will be the end of communication…

Here is the family (taken in Jeanne Mance Park in Montreal)

6TZEN Family

Saying goodbye!

On their way...

On their way...

bye bye!

After we said goodbye we did a few more things in Montreal…and I loved seeing in what ways they are making the city a bit greener…

The BIXI bikes are good example… with a subscription you can grab a bike from any BIXI station to ride to your destination… then you just park it again at any BIXI station… the first 30 min are free and then there is a small fee after… not only is it a great idea but it is also widely used based on the amount of people I saw on them…

Another little thing that I saw while walking were lane ways that used to look all dingy now making people smile…sometimes it is the little things that make a difference…

Laneway in Montreal


As we were leaving the Chambly Fort yesterday some bikes caught our eyes…

6TZEN Tandem biking across America

I asked if I could take pictures and then we started to talk to the family…

Last month in June this beautiful family of six arrived from Normandy and started on a 10 month journey that started in Quebec city and will end in South America. Each bike holds 3 people and all of them can peddle except for the youngest.

The largest bike in front holds Noé who is four, Arnaud (Dad), and Nathanaël, 11.
The other bike has Gabriel (9), Mom (Estelle) and 2 year old Eva…

They try to bike at least 30km a day and they never know where they will be sleeping that night. I wish we would have lived closer, or at least in the direction that they were headed so that we could have had them over and been able to talk more…

What a beautiful Family and amazing journey they are taking…

6TZEN Tandem biking across America

Though their site is French, please check them out at

There is a link to their blog (in the section “SUIVEZ NOS GUIDONS”) and Maybe if you keep a tab on their journey and they pass near you you might be able to send them a message and offer them a place to stay for the night 🙂

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Through a link on a facebook page I was introduced to this movie…

I have to say that it is Really interesting… It is Free so there is no excuse not to watch it…

Though you may or may not agree with all of it it, because I may not agree with all of it either… it does bring up a lot of questions…

The first part deals with Religion and myths and truths of where so many believes took root. Pretty much all on par except for a few details of what I was taught in my studies… and of course quite interesting in my opinion.

The second part is about 9/11 and the theory about what really happened.

The third is about Financial history of the US, the creation of the Federal reserve and money ties in with historical events and then what is predicted for the future…

Check it out… and discuss!

The official website (you can watch it there by clicking the blue square or download it)

or see it on Google Video

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