Latest Creations…

I just added a few more creations to my Etsy page so I thought it would be a good thing to share them here also…


Last time, I shared this guy:

Needle Felted BunnyNeedle Felted Bunny

Well, now he has a mate and a little baby! ¬†Isn’t the baby adorable? She can nestle up to her mama and it looks like she is nursing. The adult Bunnies are around 5″ tall and the little one is about an 1 1/2 inches…. The parents both have their own personalities and I love the way the whole family looks together.
Needle Felted Bunny FamilyNeedle Felted Bunny baby

Needle Felted Bunny Baby with Carrot


This mama and baby are a bit rustic but I still love the way she turned out. She has a bun in her hair and a beautiful green dress all made of wool and she even has underwear under that dress ūüėČ

I need to get more comfortable in making humans though because there is¬†something¬†about the face that gets me. I see the attraction of doing¬†Waldorf¬†style¬†dolls for that¬†reason¬†because they often don’t have a face.


Needle Felted mama and babyNeedle Felted mama and babyNeedle Felted mama and baby

I really like the way that these mice turned out but there was something about them that were not exactly what I wanted when I thought of what I wanted my mice to look like. I feel like these two belong together though. I have come to think of them as the twins… After having made my last set of mice, I am now thinking that they guyys may look more like rats. Though I am still not sure… what do you think?

Two needle felted mice

I love how this Bird and nest came out. The bird is a perfect size for playing with and the eggs are so simple and look no natural in the nest. The nest itself is made from two different coloured wools and I just felted it until is came into shape. I have a feeling that there will be more like this in the near future…

Needle Felted Blue bird and Nest with eggsNeedle Felted Nest and Eggslittle blue bird (needle felted)Willa holding the little blue bird

Right after I made the bird and nest, I made these… it actually started with just one and then I decided to try to make an earring out of it. It was much simpler then I thought. ¬†Then of course I have to make another that looked exactly like it. Which worked out perfectly.


Needle Felted bird Earrings (same as before just better pics)

My last and latest creations are another set of mice. These were more what I was envisioning and I am so proud that they turned out the way they did! ¬†I started with one, which turned out to the be little one and then realized that he looked childish so of course he needed a parent. When I was done both of them, there was still something missing, so I started on the scarf and vest. Now they are¬†perfect! The scarf is knitted on size 2mm needles using Fine (Sport or 2)¬†woollen¬†yarn and is just 8 tiny¬†stitches¬†across using the stockinette stitch. The vest is crocheted out of the same yarn using a size 2.5 hook. Aren’t they cute?!

Needle Felted Mice: Dad and Son

Needle Felted Mouse with knitted scarfNeedle Felted Mouse with Crocheted vest

Needle Felted Mouse with Crocheted vest

It can and does take hours for these creations to come together but each one take on a life of its own and I love to do it.

Of course, if you have fallen in love with one of these little guys, check out my Etsy page!

Greeting Cards

Just a quick post…

I made my first batch of greeting cards this evening and they turned out so well! I love the way they look when they are all put together!
Greeting Cards

I can’t wait for my first orders to see what people will choose…

Here are all the choices!

My new website is up and running…

My lights¬†arrived¬†yesterday and my website is ready to share….

Here it is!


(The above image that links to the new site is my new business card)

I am quite happy with the way that it turned out, especially that I can not only showcase and sell photos that I already have directly from the site, but I will be able to easily make password protected galleries for clients and they will be able to order pictures on their own at any time.


I would love to have your opinion!



I love it. So why not do it?

While I was looking for ideas on ways I could make a bit of money for our dream project, I kept going back to my love of photography. So, I am going to do it. I love working with people, I love taking portraits, I think I am pretty good at it and it really makes me happy. I already have a decent camera and lenses. ¬†I ordered a set of lights and backgrounds so that I can bring a studio if needed to someones house. I would rather work with natural light and natural background but the days are getting shorter and there really isn’t much natural light to work with at times and have the option of extra lighting is something that I need if I want to do this seriously. Having the backgrounds, and¬†especially¬†the stand, will also make things much easier and will be much more¬†professional. I should get them next week and play with them a bit. I think I am going to start having flashbacks back to me portrait photography days back in the day!¬†Not only do I believe that this is going to work, but I also think that there is a certain amount of portability involved for when we will be on the move.


Also… ¬†I am going to start selling greeting cards with some of my favourite landscapes, flowers and other nature photos. I already have some blanks and now I just need to narrow down the choices of photos that I think will be best to sell locally. I am also working on a website from which I could sell directly, and be able to give the choice to customers.


So once I get this Website up and running I will start advertising and see how it goes!!

Stay tuned!!!

Next Workshop…

Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be giving my next workshops at Melons et Clementines: in NDG this Saturday, the 20th of Nov…

The EC workshop will be at 11am and that will cover what EC is, how to start an answer any questions that might come up…

The Babywearing Workshop is at 1:30pm and will be an intro to babywearing and I’ll help those that already have carriers and need help using them…

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