I love it. So why not do it?

While I was looking for ideas on ways I could make a bit of money for our dream project, I kept going back to my love of photography. So, I am going to do it. I love working with people, I love taking portraits, I think I am pretty good at it and it really makes me happy. I already have a decent camera and lenses.  I ordered a set of lights and backgrounds so that I can bring a studio if needed to someones house. I would rather work with natural light and natural background but the days are getting shorter and there really isn’t much natural light to work with at times and have the option of extra lighting is something that I need if I want to do this seriously. Having the backgrounds, and especially the stand, will also make things much easier and will be much more professional. I should get them next week and play with them a bit. I think I am going to start having flashbacks back to me portrait photography days back in the day! Not only do I believe that this is going to work, but I also think that there is a certain amount of portability involved for when we will be on the move.


Also…  I am going to start selling greeting cards with some of my favourite landscapes, flowers and other nature photos. I already have some blanks and now I just need to narrow down the choices of photos that I think will be best to sell locally. I am also working on a website from which I could sell directly, and be able to give the choice to customers.


So once I get this Website up and running I will start advertising and see how it goes!!

Stay tuned!!!