I have been loving this crocheting thing.

Seriously… why wasn’t I doing this before?!

Here are the squares that I have been working on that will I will sew together to make a blanket… I have 10 out of 30 done and ran out of yarn in this colour so I need to find another skein and I might make 15 of those in a green yarn that I already have. These are so easy to do and very repetitive so I do them to fill in gaps or when I want to work on something without really thinking about what I am doing…

Here is a crown I made for Wilhelmina with yarn that she had chosen. It isn’t as lopsided as it looks and was a very quick project to make.

here is a better picture of it… though Willa was not wanting to look at the camera…

Here is a head band I made for myself. It has many mistakes if you look up close but it was a great way to learn how increase and decrease and once it is on it looks quite nice and the mistakes are not too apparent. I can’t believe how little time it took to make!

This is one project that I started to work on and I am taking a break from at the moment… it is a scarf that is knit and has two crocheted panels… (I just realized I took a picture of the back of the project… oops!) I have the 6 flowers done which make the two crocheted flower panels and have knit 2 of 3 panels that make up the rest of the scarf. I just have to cast on the middle (and longest) piece and start working on it again. honestly though, I am loving crocheting much more than I like to knit at the moment but I will do it soon.

Finally, this is what is on my hook at the moment… It’s about half way done and is looking great.. I can’t wait to see how it will look once finished!