Of course now that I went and bought some new covers that actually fit, Colin decided that his potty strike is over and that he wants to use the potty again on a regular basis… Hey! it is cool with me!!!
So he has been going diaper free more and more and is getting potty independant… he still can’t get underwear off by himself but leave him bare butt and he heads for the potty sits down and does his business…. there are some misses of course but less and less and some bad positioning at times but he is happy to be going diaper free… and so am I….

I didn’t keep up as much as I wanted to with EC… and then when Colin started his potty strike we just lost the habit… he would scream, cry and arch his back whenever he was on the potty… the only time that he wouldn’t was the morning pee, so I kept the morning one for quite a while but he refused at other times in the day…However, I can see that even though we lost the habit of going often he didn’t lose the habit of knowing when he needs to go and he still has control over it… something that Xavier has to relearn because of contant use of diapers.

Next baby will be a different story though. EC from Birth and Diaperfree as much as we can.