Thinking about it more and more…I think that I am very ready and happy to be going Unassisted throughout the pregnancy…

I am not the kind of person that will get scared by going unassisted. It will more likely make me feel like I have more control over the whole situation, resulting in an ever more empowering pregnancy and birth, which I truly believe is something that Women have lost with such medicalized births.
I will also be starting a Pregnancy journal to record the pregnancy. It truly is the beginning of a new journey 🙂

OH… We told the boys yesterday morning when we saw the line come up on the test… I explained that first the leaves will come back on the trees, then it will be summer and Xavier’s Birthday, then Colin’s Birthday, then the leaves will fall and it will be Hallo’een and then the baby will be here… Xavier’s Response? “I want a lot, a lot of Candy” (for Hallo’een)