I have been keeping quite busy crafting these last few weeks. I have a craft fair coming up and I might send in an application for another craft fair the week after.

I love doing big creations but with the time that is put into them, they are much more expensive than most people are willing to pay, and it seems to be a very niche market.

So I decided to make creations that would take less time to make and not be too expensive for gifts. So in the last few weeks I have made penguin, snowmen and gnome ornaments. Felted acorns and Sceneries in acorn tops that have been made into ornaments and earrings. Keychains, Dryer Balls and  jingle balls for cats. I have also made a line of Greeting cards made from needle felted winter scenery paintings.

All of these things will be under 50$ and most under 30$ or even 20$.

I will of course also have big creations on hand, and hopefully I will be able to sell as much as I can to fund our bus project.