I needed a few items that are a bit more expensive so my total for this week is a bit higher at about 150$

We still don’t have an oven, but I will be trying the rotisserie feature on my new “toaster”oven… and though my brain wants to eat more veggies at the moment, my body is craving meat so I guess I need to listen to that for now…

So this week

  • Hunan Dumplings (didn’t make them last week)
  • General Tso
  • Rôtisserie Chicken
  • Stew in the crockpot
  • Hamburger steak (my mom used to make this and I vowed that I never would but I suddenly had a craving for it!)
  • Quick Spaghetti (another recipe from my childhood)

I will probably be getting the oven back on the 30th… so I went to ask my neighbour this morning if I could use her oven on Friday night or Sat morning to make Khéna’s cake for his upcoming birthday…

He is going to be 3!!!