I have been waiting for this moment for years and it has now finally arrived.

In the summer, we have access to quite a bit of local food from stands that can be found all around the city.  It is not organic but it is local and fresh. However, in the winter, like many places the prices goes up, the quality goes down and we even though most grocery stores now carry a few organic choices, there are very little actual choices, and what it there, is not very fresh, and often looks pitiful.

I am always in awe when I go to grocery stores in Montreal. So many options…  quality and quantity…

We only have one grocery store that carries Kale around here and they often don’t even have it! We simply don’t have options. I miss being able to go to fruit and vegetable stores and come out with plenty at reasonable of cheap prices.

I think it was one of the things that I missed most when we moved here.

But now, we have an option. We can get organic vegetables and fruits delivered to our door!

Jardins Des Anges is a Laval/Montreal based company that delivers Organic Vegetables and Fruits right to your door. They say that their mission is to provide the largest selection of Organic/local/ethical products all year round. Yes, I sound like an ad, but I am so excited that they are now in my area. I don’t mind giving them the spotlight!

So today I got my first order. We are a family of 6, soI took the largest basket, made a few substitutions (you can do that in your cart for things that you may not use) and I added a few extra fruit, a jar of raw honey and a bag of raisins. It came out to just over 80$ with the delivery included in the price. I think that it pretty amazing! I have been wanting to eat more veggies and this will force us to eat more and give us more choice then I can usually find. It will also force me to add a bit more variety to our meal plan to incorporate the foods that we receive.

Here is the order as it arrived… yes, plastic, but at least they are 100% bio-degradable (within 12 months)



Here it is all laid out…

This week, I got a braising mix (kale, mizuna, mustard or swiss chard), baby bok choy, parsley, carrots with greens, celery, green beans, lettuce, leeks, mini-peppers, radishes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pineapple, bananas, coconut, grapefruits, pears, oranges, green apples, red apples, kiwis (a lot) lemons, avocados, kale and clementines… (+ raw honey and raisins)




I just have to buy a few things to complete meals and that is it…

Again… I am so happy about this!