I did it! I got through a whole month of posting every day and completed my 4th NaBloPoMo!

Though my habit of posting more is definitely there, I am glad that I no longer feel the obligation to have a post every single day.

A few things I realized…

I have more to say than I think: even when I think that I have nothing to write and then force myself to sit down and actually start writing, more ideas come. The post that I start writing often gets scrapped, or put aside because there is something better… So I really need to sit myself down and force myself to write. I enjoy it… but I procrastinate way too much.

Readership is inspiring: The more I write, the more readers come read, and it inspires me not only to write more but actually do more. I love to cook, I love to sew and craft, so if I want to write about it and share, I actually have to do it!

That blogging is still something I want to do: there have been times that I wonder why I keep a blog, why I pay for hosting every year. But then it comes back to me.. I love blogging. It is the first journal that I have kept up with, I love the feedback, I love being able to look back ad see how much I have grown, how much my family has grown.

Now, lets see just how long I will keep up with writing more often…