Yesterday I left my house just after 7am to grab the ferry and head over to the northern shore of the St-Laurent river. My mom was waiting for me at her house so that we could both head to the cabin to pack her things up. My uncle and her have been fighting and because it is his property she has decided that it is time to move out completely.

I’ll miss the place but then again, we can still go as anyone in the family is welcome there and we hope to be out of the province at one point soon also.

When we were leaving her place I asked her if she would like to take my car. Hers is not in the best of shape and is really on its last miles. She just had work done on it but I am still not that comfortable in it. She declined my offer and we headed out to the cabin in her car.

We got to the cabin about 30 min later, lit a fire, heated some water for tea over the wood fire, and started packing. By lunchtime we were both hungry and headed to the village for lunch. As we pulled in the parking lot we smelled gas, we had noticed it at the cabin also, but it happens at times when my uncle fills his chain saw and some spills out and we had checked under the can quickly but had seen nothing. This time though, not only was there a small but trailing from behind the car was a 2 inch line of gas.

There are no garages open on weekends anywhere around so we knew that we would have to call a tow truck. My mom started stressing out. The gas was only leaking when the car was running so we went and ate lunch any way and decided that we would head back to the cabin and finish what we could before calling a truck to bring us home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon packing and then when we both couldn’t look at doing another box again (and there was not much left to do) we decided to head home. We went and parked in the village church’s parking lot to be able to be easily found and we called the tow truck. It was cold out and they said that we would have about an hour to wait and because we couldn’t keep the car running (and we were not appropriately dressed) we were freezing. We finally got a call and the guy was looking for us. The Village is tiny. There is one intersection and the church it pretty big, it wouldn’t be hard to find us. When I explained in more detail we realized that he got the call inverted and he was 30 min away at our destination. He told us he was turning around. About  15 min later his partner arrived who was luckily just ending a call closer to us. Of course, the guy didn’t have the details of the call so he was riding with his girlfriend which meant that we had to squeeze into the cab with them. The whole ride was awkward.

We should have taken my car…

Finally we got home and had a glass of wine to leave behind some of the stress of the day and then I helped make supper and I headed home. Though it wasn’t a particularly physically active day, it was a stressful one and by the time I got home I was falling asleep.

It feels like the end of an era…