Yesterday, when I was at the grocery store an older woman stood next to me as I choose my lemons. She asked me what I was looking for as I took each lemon in my had and felt the skin with my thumb. I shared my secret with her and I though that I would share it with all of you also.

This is a trick that my step-dad Miguel taught me years and years ago.

When choosing a lemon you want a fruit that is heavy and firm. That is a given, as it is in most fruits and vegetables. But what you are really looking for when picking up a lemon is a peel that is completely smooth with little, or better yet, no bumps at all.

Smoother lemons often have a thinner skin and will yield more juice, But what is really great is that the smoother the lemon’s skin, the less seeds it will have and often it will have no seeds at all. Isn’t that amazing… no need to pick out the seeds when squeezing fresh lemon juice into your favourite recipe.

Do you love lemons as much as I do?