I am still in wonder at times when I think that I have a daughter. After three boys, I never thought that it would happen.

I have trouble seeing myself in my boys. They have some of my traits and Xavier is starting to look a bit like me at the same age, but mostly I see Simon or even the male members of my family when I see them. Wilhelmina however, I see me…

This is a picture that my mom and grandmother found while doing some gardening outside. It was actually in one of the potted plans that used to be in the house but has been outdoors for a while now. My mom had never seen the picture and my grandmother didn’t know why it was there, but there is was.

I see the picture and I see Wilhelmina…  I was about 4 years old in this…

At the moment, Wilhelmina has been obsessed with wearing this dress. It is a dress that I wore often as a child and have held on to it for all my life so that one day, my little girl may wear it. And now she is.

wearing a dress I wore as a childponderMina

There is something very special about seeing myself so much in one of my children. I truly love having a little girl.