I’m a mom….

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I would have loved to me a mom earlier then it happened but it didn’t work out that way… I had to finish school, work a bit etc etc… the things that people do because they are expected to do them … what for though… I could have saved me a lot of dept…. especially since I knew that I would never work if I had kids at home…

It is amazing when I think that Simon and I created these beings… just me and him, no one else involved…. these two little boys are a product of our love… (i know, i know…”Cliché”….but it is true!!)

It is amazing to think of how perfect nature can be… these two little boys were created inside me, each cell knew where to go… everything falling into place perfectly….

When I was pregnant with Xavier I had a few weird dreams… most of the time I would dream that things were in the wrong place… an ear on his tummy, his nose in the back of his head… (hey they were dreams!)… once I even dreamed that I gave birth to a litter of cats… (wonder if that is in the dream books?)

I was just sitting on the couch, the boys watching TV, eating a strawberry that I had just given each of them… Xavier was taking tiny little bites and answering questions that Dora was asking… Colin was wrinkling up his nose at each bite and doing his scrunchy face…. then it just hit me… these two little perfect boys are mine, I am their mom, Simon and I created them, we made them and they are perfect….

It just plays over and over again how amazing that truly is….