Well, it is Tuesday and we haven’t received any word on the house so I guess she decided to go with one of the other houses she was looking at. Honestly I feel relieved. Having two weeks to pack, move and figure out where we would go feels unrealistic. I mean, if we were a smaller family and planning on living closer and could just move everything, then it might have been able to work. But, because we are planning on selling most of our furniture and having just the minimum of what we want to keep, then I just cannot see how we would have done it. I want out of this house, but not that fast!

So on with the bus project. I think we found our bus. It is exactly what we were looking for with one catch. It’s in New Brunswick! lol. No matter, we will be going to the bank soon to see if we can get a loan and then if everything works out, I would fly out to Bathurst and drive it home…OMG… did I just write that?!

I don’t want to get into details too much because I would feel even more disappointed of this doesn’t work out, but I am excited about this!!