We haven’t had any news for the job yet… one part of me feels hopeful still and the other feels a bit crushed though really I have no idea how long these things usually take so not too crushed…

The dream is not crushed though, not even close, nor will it be. This weekend my mom took the boys and Simon and I worked on getting the house more presentable and changing things around a bit so that I could take a few pictures to get the house on the market. The kitchen is basically 100% decluttered. The only thing left is my spices and the fridge. The living room is done and I am so happy with the way it looks and feels now.

I am ready to sell this house with a new job or without. If we have to move closer to Montreal for a while until the right job comes around again, then so be it, we need and want a change. If we were able to find a way to leave and head to BC without a job and find one there it would be great but with a large family, that amount of uncertainty is not something I am ready for just yet.

It is so hard being in this waiting phase… waiting to find a job, waiting to sell the house, waiting for the next phase to begin. I am not a patient person, when I make a decision, I want it yesterday.

I know that there are a few readers that made this kind of big move… I would LOVE to hear from you! what came first, the job or the move? How did you do it? How did you get the courage up to take the plunge?!