Today was Willa’s last test to make sure that her surgery was a success and that everything is now working as it should be. 

The VCUG is a test done in the radiology department. A catheter is inserted into the bladder and a contrast fills the bladder while an x-ray machine takes images. When the bladder is full, the patient then needs to urinate and again images are taken to see if there is reflux of the urine (or dye) going back into the ureters.

The technician that was there was nice enough but she had trouble getting the catheter in. Having a catheter put in is already unpleasant but when someone has trouble it is worse…and when they still can’t get it in and then have to try again it is excruciating. Especially when you have to be held down and don’t understand why it is all happening. So Wilhelmina cried and looked at me with the saddest eyes and my heart just broke. When they finally got it in and got it secure and filled her bladder, it was time for her to pee. Last time she did this test it was easy. I just signalled for her to pee and she did. But this time was different. She is now 6 months older and she doesn’t like going to the bathroom in front of strangers and she doesn’t usually go to the bathroom strapped down on a cold table. She told me she had to pee but she just couldn’t let herself go. Finally after about 10 minutes the technician poured a bit of cold water on her feet and she went and it was done. She stopped crying immediately and I could see the relief take over her. A few seconds later the catheter was out, the images were done and I was able to take her in my arms and she just held me. I got her dressed and she was back to herself but she was different in a way also. I hate putting her through things like this.

The results were not in but we could see pretty clearly that there was no reflux by looking at the images. We headed up to the urology dept. to see her urologist and he said the same. She is fine. There is no reflux. She is healthy and everything is now working as it should. The surgery was a success and now we can get on with our lives. No more antibiotics, no more worrying about how things are working… We just need follow up with ultrasounds every year or so to keep an eye on things…  but that is it!

The only thing now is that we left the hospital and stopped by a friend’s house on the way home and Willa needed to pee and she was in so much pain from that catheter. It was awful seeing her that way. When we got home though she soaked in a warm bath for a while and it was better but she was still in pain while she peed. Hopefully it will be over with soon though and we can finally  just get back to normal.

But now I have a healthy perfect little girl with a few battle scars but who has been an amazing trooper through this whole ordeal and can now work on just being a normal little kid.