We went to a party last Saturday and must have come home with something because the day after we got hit. First Colin started to vomit before heading to bed on Sunday night, then Khéna started. Both were sick on Monday and I crossed my fingers that they would be the only ones, but the next day Wilhelmina was hit first thing in the morning and then Xavier.

Simon had stayed home on monday but went to work on Tuesday and then Tuesday evening I was hit and then Simon. On Wednesday Simon stayed home and we were both out of commission along with Willa while the boys mostly took care of themselves.

It hasn’t happened often that the whole family was hit but this was one of those times.

Luckily, besides Willa it turned out to be a 12-24 hour type thing for most of us and to varying degrees of being sick,  but Willa was hit hard. She felt better on Thursday a bit but then was back to being sick on Friday and Saturday and finally started feeling better Saturday evening. Today was the first day in many that she was her normal self and not hanging out on the couch with a bowl. Even though she was quite pitiful, she took the whole sick things amazingly well and made little mess, even at night grabbing the bowl when she started to feel queasy and wiping her mouth afterwards on her own. She is such a big girl now and shows us every day.

I have quite a few posts waiting to be finished up and published but this sickness thing just got to me and I was completely out of the routine for the whole week. Meals were put off for snacking and toast, phone calls were not made , e-mails not answered and I just fell behind on everything…

But I am back now and ready to blog again.