I spent the day with my friend Isabelle and her kids on Friday. It was a gorgeous day and while we stayed in the house before lunch we got out right after and went to the her Farm and went to see the new 2 day old baby goats and the chickens. The boys had a lot of fun seeing the animals and I was told that Xavier was having a lot of fun trying to catch a certain hen… I of course started to swell up and started having trouble breathing with the dusty,uncirculating air inside of the building… I had to get out of there as soon as possible after…

The snow is melting and the kids were all having fun playing in the puddles. While we were Tapping a Maple tree in her yard (getting some fresh maple water) the kids found a big puddle that was higher then their boots… We went inside to change the kids so that we could stay out side a bit longer. Xavier told me that his feet were wet, I noticed that his boots were swelled up and when I took his feet out, there was at least an inch of water in his boots….
We got them changed and headed back out… every few minutes the rest of the day we heard geese flying over head… they are flying north early this year….

Here are a few pics…

The kids gathering around the piano

March 372

Here is the Fort/”tree house” that Isabelle’s Dh is making for the girls….

March 376

And here are some Geese…

March 3861