A friend put me in contact with a local mom who is pregnant and has her own show on a Montreal radio station and was wanting to talk to someone who had a UC…

We friended each other on Facebook and then we were able to meet at the Not-Going-Back-to-School picnic a few weeks ago and hit it off… we talked about tons of things and we have a lot on common and today I was invited to talk on the show and will most likely be back to talk about a few more things in the future.. I was nervous but it was fun!

The time passed by so quickly and I could have said so much more but I am so grateful to have been on the show and talking about something that means so much to me.

Here is a link to the program.. I come on about half way though after a pre-recorded interview with Ina May Gaskin!

In the Motherhood hosted by Trixie Dumont