I received the papers confirming her registration today…

Well, technically, I received them on Monday but they had misspelled her name, so I called them right away and they changed it and sent me the new papers.

Registration after a planned unassisted pregnancy and birth is not an easy thing to do by yourself here in Quebec. Though the law doesn’t ask for medical papers etc. the government doesn’t make it easy to go that route. For those I know who have decided to fight the fight, they have had long and drawn out battles and threats of going to court. I was not willing to do that, the stress of not having her registered, having problems getting benefits were just not worth the fight for me, neither of course was I willing to go to the hospital or see a doctor to get the papers, so I called the midwife friend of mine and asked her to write me a letter attesting that she saw there was a new baby and that I am a mom that had given birth soon before.

However, besides the letter written and signed almost 2 weeks after she was born, all the information shows that it was a planned unassisted birth.  There is no doctor’s name, no agpar scores, no transfer information, our address as the birthing place and I wrote my name in the space that asks the name of the person that helped me deliver.

So it is done, getting the letter feels somewhat like a completion of the birth.  I can now travel with my daughter without worry, we can breath and relax knowing that everything is done.

(5 weeks old)