I have been keeping busy lately either crocheting or needle felting depending on my mood and the time. I find that needle felting is easier in the evening after Willa is in bed or when she is playing outside in the snow with the boys (but when she is outside I always end up cleaning up). The way I have been needle felting lately is that I start making something without knowing what I am making and just letting it transform, so when I do that I want to get into the moment and it is easier when there are no constant distractions or little hands wanting to touch what I am doing.

Here is another bunny I made with a carrot. Like the first little guy, he has a pipe cleaner base and can be posed. I think I will be making more of these and selling them. They are so cute, the perfect size for playing and fun to make. At one point I would love to make a family of bunnies with a little woodland home for them to play in.

Needle felted bunny and carrot


This dragon started with a head  and I had no idea what he was going to be until I started shaping him more. He almost became either cow or a croc but then I decided that he would make great baby dragon tuckered out from a day of playing…

Needle felted sleeping dragon

Needle felted sleeping dragon

This guy also started with a head but I had a feeling that I wanted him to become a squirrel and so he did. He is actually quite big with his head being more then 3 1/2 inches tall and his tail reaching 5 inches. I made a little acorn for him also which he can hold between his paws.

Needle felted SquirrelNeedle felted SquirrelNeedle felted Squirrel

In other moments I am often Crocheting. There are a few shows that I really enjoy and that I watch on the computer and when I did so, I would always feel guilty that I was “wasting” time that I could be using for doing something productive instead of just something that I enjoy but that doesn’t bring me fulfilment. Crocheting is the perfect answer to that. I can sit a watch something and crochet at the same time. Have my guilty pleasure yet still be productive. I Love it!

I am trying to find things that I can sell so I thought that dish cloths and scrubber set might be a good answer to that.

Aren’t they pretty?

Crochet Dish sets

I am hoping that a set like this might be a good seller. The dishcloth is 8 1/2 inches wide and the scrubber is about 3 inches wide and fits perfectly into your hand when scrubbing rough to get spots on dishes.

Crocheted Dish sets

Another thing I have ready to sell is a cat costume with ears and a tail like the one I made for Willa. However, this one is actually adjustable since I made ties instead of being one piece or with a button and not only that but the tail portion is even more adjustable with the way I made the tie.

Crochets cat costume (tail and ears)

Now to figure out prices… (that seems to be the hardest part!!)