This is the Zoku quick pop maker.

Zoku Quick Pop

It is one of the gifts that the kids got for the holidays. It is definitely not a cheap kitchen gadget so I was a bit hesitant that it would not be used much, but it was on their list (they all wrote that they wanted 1/3 of the maker) and I decided to go for it. The Zoku quick pop maker does exactly what it’s name says… It makes popsicle in about 7 minutes.  Because the pops are so fun and easy to make we have been using it often and I went ahead and got a few more accessories for it and I am even thinking that I might get the lone pop maker so that we can make 4 at a time…

There is no electricity needed, all you need to put the maker in the freezer for 24 hours and in doing so you will be able to get 9 pops out of it… that easy.

What is so fun about these is that because they freeze so quickly you can make pops with layers, with fruit suspended in them and even pops with one flavour on the outside and another on the inside…

What goes in them… well that is your choice 🙂

The only guidelines are that you make sure that your pops have enough sugar (no artificial sugar in these) so that they will release from the pop maker when done. They also recommend that you don’t use mixes that are too thick or too fatty as they won’t hold the stick well and again, you will have trouble releasing.

(this “super tool” screws on the end of the stick and when you turn it you are able to release the pops with ease)


I was making mostly smoothie pops for a while. Frozen fruit with juice and yogourt and honey or maple syrup.

Smoothie pop

Then I got the recipe book free with an order of accessories, and the ideas started to flow. (the book is great and is all about the most natural and fresh ingredients)

I had some pumpkin in the fridge I needed to use so this is a pumpkin pie pop: the pumpkin layer is purred pumpkin with a bit of cream, brown sugar and cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and the white is cream and vanilla with a touch of brown sugar.

Pumpkin pie pops

So good!

The accessories that I got were the storage case so that we can make some pops in advance, extra sticks, and the accessory kit that includes 3 measuring cups, a slanted holder to make zig zag pops, a sort of turkey baster tool to make filled pops, fruit shape cutters and the tool to suspend said shapes in the pop.

The next thing I want is the new chocolate station… (but it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada yet)

Pumpkin pie pops

I have so many more ideas now… I think my next one is an orange creamsicle:  orange on the outside with a creamy vanilla layer on the inside…

or a strawberry shortcake pop… or a brownie pop… or raspberry cheesecake pop…

We’re not going to get tired of this any time soon.