What a better topic to write about when you are right in the middle of it. I seriously sit down to write and nothing comes up and because nothing comes, I get discouraged and then just started ignoring the blog altogether and that is not something that I want to do.

I love blogging, I love putting my thoughts down and sharing them with people. I love being able to look back and see who I was just a few years ago and how things have changed. But in the last few weeks, each time I sit down to actually write, my mind just goes blank. I am seriously forcing myself to write this right now!

I think that a big part of it is that I feel like we are at such a stand-still with our plans and I had a few weeks that I was feeling very down and depressed. I was not wanting to do anything and when I look back everything feels like a blur. It is not the head space that I want to be in at any time.

think a part of it is that we are still waiting for the house to sell. We are selling “by owner” and at first I was quite aggressive at getting the word out and advertising, and we did have quite a few visits but as time went by the visits dwindled and instead of fighting back with more advertising, I got discouraged and started to hide under the figurative rock. I had not planned on still being here by summer, so when Summer arrived  it felt like we were failing at our plans. Though I knew that it could take time, I hadn’t thought that it would be taking this much time. So, we got the pool ready, started a small garden and the kids started summer camp and life went on and I just felt more and more down. So up to about 2 weeks ago, I felt I was in a daze.

Finally I snapped out of it and though I am not completely myself yet, I am feeling a lot better and more optimistic. I have started advertising the house again a bit more and we are thinking of perhaps finding a way we can get it listed on a larger site or with MLS but not exactly going with an agent. We really don’t have enough equity for that 6% commission and having a bit for ourselves and with Simon quitting his job when we move, we really need that money.

I have also started changing my diet a bit more and really want to start losing weight again and hopefully by doing so I will start regaining a bit of energy and feeling less sluggish.

One of the things that I have been taking pleasure in again is having a cup of tea.

Simon bought me a beautiful hand blown glass teapot for my birthday with 4 small double cups that keep the tea hot and your hands cool.


My new teapot and cups...

This flower tea was an amazing treat to the eye and the palette.

Flower tea

I am going to be making an effort to get back to blogging.. I truly have so much to write about…  we went to the cabin and say a few special creatures, I went to Quebec city all by myself! made a doll carrier, made new dehydrated treats and so much more…