This weekend was not perfect but we did make some progress…

When I was out grocery shopping at my usual time late Saturday morning, I was reminded why I no longer want to keep that habit. Not only are there so many people but it takes up such a large chunk of our day and therefore the weekend. I have always liked to go grocery shopping on Friday evening. There are no lines, the isles are quiet, the shelves are well stocked and then we have the whole weekend to ourselves. So I am going to try to change my habits and go then.

So what progress did we make this weekend? Doesn’t sound like much but more than half of my kitchen is decluttered. Though it might not look like we did much from on first glance it’s the inside that counts right? I wish I would have taken pictures of before!

In those cupboards, everything that we don’t and won’t use is gone.

Everything that we want to use is accessible.

Things that should be together are together.

Things that we had too many of have been trimmed down.

I even went through all of my tea, some boxes were even years old So I threw out nearly everything that I haven’t used in the last few months. The thing is, I love tea.. but I have my favourites and though I love those other flavours, when I open my cupboard to make myself some tea they are never the ones I reach for, so why keep them?

Because we go rid of so much I was able to take out two shelves from two cupboards to accommodate larger things to clear up space on my counter and in other cupboards. That means my blender and food processor are put away but are easily accessible in the cupboard above my usual workspace. Next step is to find a place for my dehydrator which will free up tons of counter space.

I am so inspired… Now everything has a logical space. I can’t wait to tackle my dreadful drawers next!

That’s a big deal for me… I actually want to do it!