Here are my meals for the week… (including last nights supper since I went shopping yesterday)

had smoked meat in the fridge and chicken and ground beef in the freezer so this weeks meals were based on what we already had so our grocery bill think week was quite reasonable.


            • Smoked Meat Sandwiches (A Montreal classic… yumm)
            • Beef Tacos
            • Chicken pot pie
            • Roasted Root Veggies and Garlic bread (it’s a staple at our house)
            • Ratatouille
            • Grilled cheese (I’ll be out that day so it is on the list for Simon)
            • Pizza (one will be Pepperoni and the others will be pesto, tomato and goat cheese)


Breakfast and lunch ideas: Bagels, English Muffins, Eggs, Family apple pancake, Leftovers
Desserts and special things: Egg Nogsugar cookies