At the last minute today I found out that there was a picnic at a park not too far away put together by the community organization that I volunteer for…

I met up with a few friends there and the kids played and had tons of fun… There was only one thing that I would have changed though, there was a mom there with her son that was probably about Xavier’s age that was very aggressive. It was aggressive in a way that threw me off… Xavier has been aggressive at times but it is usualy when he wants something or when he can’t express himself… he has never just went out of his way to lash out…

This boys was very different though, he almost scared me… It was sad too… He tried to push Colin out of the way at the top of the slide and when Xavier got in his way (he was protecting Colin) He cornered Xavier on top of the slide and started hitting and pushing him repeatedly, Xavier defended himself a bit but just wanted to get away… I told the little boy to move over and let him go and he ignored me and I had to grab his foot a bit to get him to back off enough for Xavier to get out of the corner and go down the slide… Xavier was crying and said that the little boy hit him… I said I know and then the little boy said something to the effect of “I am just mean”… He probably hears that so often that now just lives up to it… it is quite sad….

Xavier got hit and pushed at least 3-4 times more, Colin pushed and slapped and about 5-6 complained about him also… Each time he he did something his mom took him and threatened to go home if he wasn’t nice or if he did one more thing and each time he would say he would be nice and he would go play for about a minute until he did something else… she never did bring him home and just continued with empty threats and calling him names…

The kids knew to stay clear of him and we did have a lot of fun…

Xavier played mostly with Gabrielle….my friend Isabelle’s older daughter… and he is growing up so much… they even hung out together in the tunnel and ran around the park and just had fun… Xavier insisted on having his coat on even though it was a gorgeous day and he was sweating and he also had his “bag”… our old camera bag that he put a toy, a set of old keys, his money purse that is in the shape of a mouse and the mangeled head of a toy dog that Simon went over with the mower…
Anyways… I got a few pics… (or well… more then a few 🙂 )

May 1501
May 1551

Xavier and Gabrielle

May 1641

May 1671

May 1691
May 1591

Colin running through the tunnel

May 1751

May 1771

May 1961

May 2271
May 2311