Well, today will be the first time that I meet someone from the net… A fellow MDC mamato be exact… she lives near Sherbrooke which is about 2 hours away so we decided to meet half way in Drummondville and when checking what was there and what possibilities we had I noticed that there was a public beach… so we decided that a Picnic at the beach would be great…

So I am getting together a great lunch and snacks for the day (I love picnics)

So the menu is

  • Sandwiches on some multigrain baguettes,
  • rice balls (sticky rice rolled in a toasted sesame salt) with a Soy Wasbabi dipping sauce.
  • Marshmallow squares with rice krispies, wheat germ, oatmeal and raisins,
  • Carrot sticks and an avocado (Colin’s Favorite food)
  • Apples and Blueberries
  • And I put some juice packs in the freezer for a little cold treat…

It is an unusually cool day for July here so I am not sure how much swimming we will do but the boys are tough and I know that the sand will be a hit! I don’t have many things for sand play so I am going to stop by the dollar store before getting on the road so that the boys will be able to make sand castles and haul sand from one place to another…

There is also a slight chance of rain but 30% isn’t enough IMO to make us not go… So I am off to get ready… I am pretty excited to meet her and her kids… and I find it cool that I will be meeting a fellow MDC mama….